Walden Studio Art

Paintings by Carol Gray

Walden Studio Art

Paintings by Carol Gray

About Carol Gray

I studied art at UCLA and privately for many years with Andrea Day in Santa Monica. My work was shown in Andrea’s studio and I was featured artist for two years at the Barbara Mitchell Design Studio in Santa Monica.

Since moving to the Carmel area in the early 90’s, I have studied life drawing and design at the Carmel Adult School with Susan Long and Rodney Winfield.

I participate in outdoor workshops with artists such as Randy Sexton, Gil Dellilnger and others and continue to work with well-known local artist, Dick Crispo. I also enjoy going to the Scottsdale Artists School for intensive workshops.

Locally my work can be seen at Cheryl Watts Gallery on Cannery Row, at my studio by appointment, or on my website.

My focus these days is mostly on pleinaire. I love painting coastal and ocean scenes never tiring of the constantly changing light and color, especially at sunset, and can be found most days painting on location or in my studio in Carmel Highlands.

I teach a small pleinaire class once a week and gratefully continue to learn as I teach. I am lucky to live in this place so full of beautiful and inspirational places to view and paint.


A sloop of amber slips away
Upon an ether sea
And wrecks in peace a purple tar
The son of ecstasy

(Emily Dickenson)

Carol Gray
Carol Gray plein air painting.